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After several years in special education, I was asked to share the story of my journey from an at-risk student with disabilities to an accomplished educator. When I saw how it resonated with others, I knew I wanted to continue speaking to educate, advocate, and motivate others.


My perspective of overcoming social biases about disabilities is paired with poignant anecdotes from my career as an educator and the poetry those situations inspired, showcasing the power of positive relationships for both children and adults.

My customized presentations are designed to educate others about diversity, to advocate for individuals with disabilities, and to motivate people to overcome serious challenges. My presentations encourage 

groups to be empathetic towards people of diversity, so they can embrace and appreciate individual strengths and talents, emphasizing the multitude of gifts we all have to offer to the world.

My presentations encapsulate these key ideas:

  • The impact and sustainability of positive relationships

  • Overcoming disabilities, abuse, and mental illnesses

  • Disability awareness in education and in the workplace

  • Diverging from pre-determinations and social biases

  • The catharsis and healing power of creative writing

  • And inspiring educators, family members, and students with disabilities to find success beyond academic goals

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