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Always believe you can make a difference,
but never let your differences
keep you from what you believe!

Every day, I mentor students who must overcome serious challenges.

But I know they can persevere, because I did.

Growing up with Tourette’s syndrome, I had poor grades and demonstrated significant behaviors, but thanks to positive relationships with my educators, I was able to defy expectations and succeed in school.


As an adult, I sustained a brain injury and developed a significant stutter that made life exasperating. Despite these challenges, I went on to earn two master's degrees and make an impact as a special education teacher.


I am a walking success story. Despite challenging disabilities, I built a prosperous career in education. Now, I want to see others triumph over their individual obstacles. By sharing my journey, I educate others about diversity, advocate for individuals with disabilities, and to motivate people to overcome serious challenges.


My presentations encapsulate these key ideas:

  • The impact and sustainability of positive relationships

  • Overcoming disabilities, abuse, and mental illnesses

  • Disability awareness in education and in the workplace

  • Diverging from pre-determinations and social biases

  • The catharsis and healing power of creative writing

  • And inspiring educators, family members, and students with disabilities to find success beyond academic goals

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