Motivational Speaker  •  Special Education Teacher

Published Author & Walking Success Story

  • I have disabilities, and I struggled and I suffered.

  • I have disabilities, and I persevered and I triumphed.

  • I teach my students that disabilities can be overcome.

  • I teach my students that they can be successful!


A positive  relationship is  powerful!


Every day, I mentor students that must overcome serious challenges. I share personal lessons with them that prove that they can persevere and be the best "buddy" any "buddy" can be. 

They can do it because I did it.

Growing up with Tourette’s syndrome, I faced many challenges. I had poor grades and intensive behavioral issues but because of caring teachers and school staff, I was able to defy expectations and graduate high school.  

As an adult, I sustained a brain injury and developed a significant stutter that made life exasperating; however, despite these additional challenges, I went on to earn two Master's degrees and became a successful special education teacher.   I use my wit, personality and instructional skills to engage students of diversity.  By building strong relationships with the students I work with, I maximize their learning experiences and show them that they can succeed in life.

I'd like to share my story about persevering over disabilities and how the power of positive teacher-student relationships can inspire professionals, families and students with disabilities. 

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My book of poems is available now.
This collection chronicles the successes
and triumphs of me and my students
in overcoming serious challenges
such as disabilities, abuse,
and mental illness.
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Always believe you can make a difference,

but never let your differences

keep you from what you believe.